Color of your soul

1. The date of your birth is filled with colour. These colours can be used to surround yourself in artwork or worn to resonate with the colour energies that you were born with. To complete this quiz properly you really need to know the date, time and place of your birth. From these details, you can discover your sun, moon and rising/ascendant signs. If you know these, you can jump straight into this quiz.

Just knowing your sun sign will give you colours and shapes to live and dress by, as the majority of us at least know the date that we were born.

Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon Gemini RisingThis is an example of the colours of a Pisces Sun with Gemini Rising and Moon chart.

If you know the time and place of your birth but don't know what signs were about at the time of your birth you can follow this link to give you these details. It helps but it is not imperative to know.

This quiz is a bit of fun and I hope you enjoy the results that it brings you. So get started and discover what colours fill your chart.

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2. My Moon Sign is - You can skip this question if you do not know or you can use the link in question 1 to find out what your moon sign is if you happen to know where and what time you were born.

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3. My Rising Sign is (You can skip this question if you do not know)

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