Your Clothing Values

Values are those core beliefs that frame our world.

They motivate us to act in a particular way and can be an indicator of our behavior and the way we will make decisions.

We learn our values through exposure to our culture, social groupings, family, and friends, and also from the information that is presented to us by the media in all its forms. When you prioritize values, you can form a hierarchy of the most important values. Our values can conflict with each other e.g., a career woman must prioritize her values between caring for her family and wanting to achieve success in the workplace. Values conflicts occur throughout society, within families, organizations, companies, and governments. Or a naturalist who is expected to wear the corporate uniform of a suit and tie to work. 

Wearing clothing and garments that do not fit in with what you value will cause discomfort. Discover what it is that you value in your clothing choices.

1. Read through the statements below and select your top three.

These are the top three statements that must be in place for you.